About Us




We are a team of avid food enthusiasts – some professionally skilled, some just greedy. All of us zealously believe that restaurant quality food can be enjoyed in every setting, even in the comfort of your own home. Our quest is to make you a convert. Don’t worry, only our expert food scientists are allowed in the kitchen.



Since the early 90s, CJS Catering has garnered diverse experiences with generations of families, enterprises and organizations by bringing a global palate to events of all sizes. We focus on delivering flavour, presentation and perfection on your plate while believing that fancy comfort food does not have to be expensive, but skilfully constructed. Big bash or small soiree, we are keen in discovering the vision and style of your occasion together with you.



One Customer at A Time – Patience and attentiveness are keys to exceeding a customer’s expectations. We are tireless in our efforts to win you over by exhilarating both your mind and palate.
There’s Always Room for Improvement – We learn from our outcomes and are relentless in discovering new ways to create memorable experiences for you and your guests. We believe in being adventurous, creative and open-minded, we believe in bringing you both the classic and contemporary.


At CJS, we believe that the menu for special events should be just that: special.
Although there are some dishes that we absolutely love and want to recommend from time to time,
each menu is a reflection of our clients and their distinct vision for the event.